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How to Escalate a Parts or Support Issue

We always strive to provide the best service possible.  However, there may be times when a customer feels we have not provided them with a reasonable and timely resolution or information.  Although you always have the option to provide your feedback in the Customer Satisfaction Survey that is sent after a ticket is closed, if you feel it is important to involve a supervisor or manager in an issue, this article provides the correct steps to use.  By following this process, your concern will get to the right people sooner and lead to a more efficient resolution process.

Technical Support & Service Escalation Process

Step 1:  Contact Local Technical Support Team or Distributor Rep (Tier 1)

All issues should start with our Technical Support teams.  Issues can be reported via phone or email and a ticket will be issued in our Help Desk system.  Technical Support will also be responsible for bringing in Field Service as needed.   Please refer to this article for a list of our Technical Support contact information.  

Step 2:  Internal Technical Escalation (Tier 2)

If an issue cannot be resolved by Technical Support, they will escalate the issue to Product Support and create an issue log in our QAD system.  This is a requirement for issue escalation.  If Product Support is not able to resolve the issue, they will escalate to Engineering for further support.

Step 3:  Service Manager Escalation (Tier 3)

If you do not feel that you are getting the required and reasonable support you need from Service, the next escalation point is to contact the manager of Technical Support or Service, depending on the specific issue.  Please note that there may be two resources listed.  You should start with the Level 1 escalation resource.  If that person is not available or does not resolve your issues, you should contact the Level 2 person before going to Tier 4 Escalation.  See the contact chart under Tier 1.

Step 4:  Service Director Escalation (Tier 4)

If Technical Support or Field Service Management is not able to resolve your issue or is not available, you would then escalate to Matt Schumacher, Manager – Parts, Service & Support, Telephone: + 952-469-9145, Email:

Step 5:  VP/General Manager Escalation (Tier 5)

Although extremely unlikely that an issue could not get resolved by reporting and escalating through Steps 4, the ultimate escalation point would be ITW EAE General Manager Pat O’Brien.


Spare Parts and Logistics Escalation Process

Step 1:  Contact ITW EAE Parts Team or Regional Distributor

For all Spare Parts related requests or concerns, your first point of contact should be to phone or email the Global Parts Team or your local Distributor.  Contact information for our Parts team can be found here.

Step 2:  Machine Down Escalation Protocol/Parts Supervisor Escalation

If the Parts Team is not able to assist with your issue, the next escalation point would be to reach out to Supervisor - Parts Order Entry - Raquel Arenas.  Note that if a part is not available for an urgent/machine down request in Step 1, then the Parts Team would automatically escalate to Step 2 and use their Machine Down Protocol.  Please note that you should allow at least 24 hours for standard requests before considering an escalation due to a lack of response.

Telephone:  +573-317-3023   Email:

Step 3:  Parts Management Escalation

If you are unable to reasonably resolve the issue by working with the Parts Supervisor (or in the case of that person being out of the office), your next contact would be Summer Gordon - Manager, Global Order Administration

Telephone: +1 573-317-3063 - Email: 

Step 4:  Parts & Service Director Escalation

If neither Raquel or Summer are available or you do not feel they have adequately or reasonable assisted with your issue, you can contact Matt Schumacher, Manager of Parts and Service 

Telephone: +1 952-469-9145 - Email: 

Step 5:  Vice President/General Manager Escalation 

Although extremely unlikely that an issue could not get resolved by reporting and escalating through Steps 4, the ultimate escalation point would be ITW EAE General Manager Pat O’Brien.


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