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Replacing the Protocol Plus with the Protocol 3 Controller

Here are the steps to follow for replacing a Protocol Plus controller with a Protocol 3 controller.  You can also refer to the video link below.

Video - Replacing your Protocol Plus with a Protocol 3 Controller

  1. Before beginning, disconnect power from the oven and make sure lockout and tag out procedures are in place. 
  2. Remove the access panel on the oven so you can get to the back of the controller. 
  3. Remove the electrical connection plug from the back of the old controller. 
  4. Remove the thermal couple connections 
  5. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the four mounting brackets and then slide the controller out of the panel. 
  6. Insert the new Protocol 3 controller into the panel. 
  7. Loosen the mounting brackets to make it easier to attach and then secure the Protocol 3 into place. 
  8. Connect the electrical plug into the new controller and then connect the thermal couples 
  9. Pin locations on the back of the PROTOCOL3 controller are different from the PROTOCOL PLUS controller and care must be taken to ensure proper wiring. Follow the wiring diagram on page seventeen of the Protocol 3 manual to connect the wiring harness into the proper location. 
  10. Replace the oven access panel and restore power. 
  11. Insert the supplied USB flash drive to download the configuration file for your oven. 
  12. You are now ready to test the oven.
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