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What preventative maintenance measures do you recommend on my oven?

Despatch industrial ovens are very reliable and because of that we often forget that regular maintenance is still required.  Keeping the oven clean and inspecting components regularly will extend the life of your oven, keep your oven safe, and reduce unexpected down time.  

Preventative Maintenance Checklists

Below are links to some typical Preventative Maintenance check lists to help with your oven maintenance.

LAC and LBB Series Ovens

LCC/LCD Series Ovens

RAD/RFD Series Ovens

TAD/TFD Series Ovens 

Electrical Components

Dirty electrical components do not dissipate heat as well and this will cause the component to heat up and fail prematurely.  Some dust and dirt can also be conductive, and this can cause heaters and electrical circuits to short out and fail.  Dirty fans and ductwork will affect air flow that will affect oven performance and can affect oven safety.  It is important to keep your oven clean.

Safety Features

Ovens have safety features like over-temperature limits, air flow switches, and purge timers.  If these safeties are out of adjustment, not working, or bypassed, the oven could be dangerous to operate.  All safeties should be checked on a regular basis.

Mechanical Components

Ovens have mechanical components that do wear out over time with use.  Some of these components include:  Door seals, shaft seals, motors, latches, hinges, etc.  Failure to inspect and maintain these items can cause oven performance problems, loss of production or safety issues.  For example:   A ripped door seal will cause oven chamber temperature uniformity issues.  A cracked hinge could result in a heavy door falling.  Mechanical components need to be inspected to ensure proper operation of the oven.

Oven Calibration

Most processes require accurate temperature control. Incorrect process temperatures can result in failed processes and scrapped parts. Today’s electronic temperature controls and safeties are very accurate, but calibration of the oven should still be checked on a regular basis to be sure correct process temperatures are being achieved in the oven chamber.

Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts and have the part number, you can submit a request or contact us at We also have an online store where you can identify part numbers, and order parts for your lab oven. Despatch Lab oven parts store.

Please contact the Technical Support Group for additional questions and support.

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