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Why won't my USB memory drive work with the Protocol3

Occasionally a USB memory drive will not read or write to the Protocol 3 control.  

Requirements for a memory drive to work with the Protocol3 control are:

* 4 Gb or less

* USB-2

* Formatted for FAT or FAT32

To check format type and reformat for the correct type, follow steps below.

  1. Insert USB stick into PC.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and right click on the USB stick drive letter.
  3. Select Properties and note file system type (e.g. FAT or FAT32 most likely.)



  1. Close the properties window, and right click on the drive letter again.
  2. Select Format…
  3. Change the File system type for format to FAT32.
  4. Un-select Quick Format to truly wipe everything.



  1. Press Start.
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