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Will my 240 volt oven operate on 208 volt power?

A Despatch oven that is nameplated for 240V single phase can be operated safely on a 208V single phase circuit. The heater, however, will be de-rated 25% from rated power. Likewise, an oven that is nameplated for 240V 3 phase power can be operated safely on a 208V 3 phase circuit, again with a 25% heater de-rate. Power dips in the 208 volt circuit can result in 240V components, such as heater relays, to malfunction, so it is important that the 208V circuit is strong and reliable. Control power should be wired to the 208V transformer taps on 208V 3 phase circuits. The customer is responsible for any electrical installation approvals for installing the oven on a lower voltage circuit than the nameplate specifies.  In general, Despatch ovens that are available on 240V power can also be wired to provide full rated power to the heater on 208V.  Fuses, labeling and heater wiring will differ between the two voltages. Should a field retrofit ever be required, we recommend a Despatch Certified Service Representative (CSR) make the changes. Any electrical modifications to a Despatch oven should be done by a qualified, trained electrician.

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