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Aquastorm Bath Maintenance and Change Out

Objective: Wash bath maintenance and/or changing wash bath cleaning agent.

Tools: Rubber gloves, safety glasses or goggles, pipe wrench, Teflon tape, descale agent (optional), hose with spray nozzle, short bristle long handle brush.

Follow all safety procedures and refer to machine manual before proceeding.



1) Load the descale agent into the tank at the chemical manufacturer's specified recommendations. (Note: Ensure descaler is compatible with the Aquastorm)

2) Allow tank(s) to heat to recommended settings before turning on pumps.

3) Ensure that all cascade lines are closed and machine is running in a closed loop mode or the descale agent may be sent to drain.

4) Turn on pumps and allow machine to circulate the heated descale agent in the closed loop mode for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on level of debris and scale within the machine.

5) Use brush to scrub the inside of the cabinet and tank walls.

6) If debris and scale is still visible repeat steps 2-5 until condition reaches an acceptable level.

7) Turn off all heaters and pumps and drain the tanks.

8) Descale is complete.

Bath Change Out

1) Remove spray bars and tank catch screens. Clean spray bars and nozzles of any debris or scale that may be inside the spray bar or nozzle orifice.

2) Reassemble the spray bars and nozzles. Wrap spray bars with Teflon tape to insure a proper seal with the manifold.

3) Spray tank(s) out using a hose tipped with a spray nozzle. DI water is preferred as this is a much better solvent then city or well water and will reduce the number of spray downs required to fully remove any remaining descale agent or chemistry.

4) Spray out inside of process areas and spray down curtain assemblies.

5) Remove filters and/or demister and wash out in a sink or replace if required.

6) Remove and clean pump intake strainers and reassemble.

7) Drain any fluid remaining from spray down steps.

8) Allow machine tank(s) to fill with DI water. Turn heaters on and allow tanks to heat before turning pumps on. (Note: Foaming may occur if pumps are turned on without bath being heated.)

9) Turn pumps on and allow machine to circulate the heated DI water for 10- 15 minutes.

10) Turn heaters off and drain tanks.

11) Refill tanks again with fresh DI water, turn heaters on. Allow bath to reach temperature set point and turn pumps on.

12) While pumps are running visually look into process for excessive foaming.

13) If foaming is present, repeat steps 3 and 7-12 until the foaming condition ceases.

14) Load new chemistry into bath following the chemical manufacture's specified recommendations. (Note: Ensure chemical is compatible with the Aquastorm.)

15) Bath change is complete.

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