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What information do you need to help me troubleshoot my issue?

We share the same goal of helping you resolve your machine issue as quickly as possible.  Providing us with as much information as possible up front will help us identify the root cause of your issue sooner and offer possible solutions.  Below please find some key information that will help us in troubleshooting your machine issue.  Not all may apply to your specific situation.

  1. What type of machine do you have?
  2. What is the serial number?
  3. What software version are you using?
  4. What controller version are you using?
  5. Please provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.  Be sure to include important details such as at what point in the process the issue occurs (power up, setup, changeover, run mode) and the subsystems or options involved.
  6. What steps have you taken to diagnose and/or resolve the issue?
  7. Please describe if you were able to reproduce the issue and what steps you took to do so.   
  8. What are your expectations for resolution (timeframe, detailed needs, feedback on status)?
  9. If there is a workaround for the issue, please describe it below.
  10. Have you included a SNAPSHOT with the time stamp of the issue occurrence and/or other supporting information (SOS package, recipes, captures, pictures, movies, logs)?   Please describe what was provided and where.   
  11. Did this issue occur after a software update?
  12. Please provide any additional information about the software upgrade or bug, including the previous version you were using if this was an upgrade.
  13. What is the best way to work with your team in troubleshooting this issue?  Do we have the phone number and/or email of the person to work with (faster resolution can be achieved by reducing the number of go-between people)?  Is having a virtual call a possibility for your company?

Note that we have these questions in an online form.  Please request that our team email you a link to complete the "Troubleshooting-Request for Information" form link if you would like to fill in the information online.

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